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NYC Bar Mitzvah DJ

From: Iris K
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2023 9:57 AM
To: David Swirsky <[email protected]>
Subject: Thank you

Hi David,

Thank you so much for the videos and pictures. Wow, what a party! Even the kids remarked that there was no one just sitting on the side on their phones, as is often the case. A number of them said it was the best party they had ever been to.
The music was perfect – and we admire how you got some of Adrienne’s favorites in there while also getting in the ones that everyone gets exuberant over. The sound level was just right – loud enough to keep everyone dancing, but not so loud that the adults were unable to chat. And your team was great. What a delight Daniel is! One of my friends asked if he teaches at their school, because she couldn’t understand how he had learned almost all of their names so quickly. Another, a teacher, knew that he was a fellow teacher, by his command and intense,immediate rapport with the kids. 
And Adrienne, who had always been focused on the service and not the party, loved it and had a great time. It was such a joy for us to see her dancing and having fun with her friends, and such a perfect culmination to and celebration of months of study and preparation.
Thank you for making this an amazing party! 
With gratitude,

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Thriller Dance at Bat Mitzvah

mitzvah letter of praise

David and Daniel,

We never really believe the hype when we hear that an entertainment team is “awesome”. But today, your team was truly awesome. We wanted a party that had energy for the kids, but was enjoyable for our parents generation. Dave and the rest of the team nailed it all. Everyone left the party complimenting us on how much fun they had. Thank you so much. The kids had such a great day and our parents had so much fun. That is not easy to pull off.

Cheryl and Spencer

Expressway music dj and dancers

Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJ Packages

Basic Packages

In addition to the suggested packages below we also offer many other popular services.  Please call DJ/Owner Dave Swirsky to discuss your party and make it perfectly customized to exactly what suits you and your family best.

Package 1  (lower key..more of a dance party then anything else)
Professional Experienced DJ to play amazing music who will only emcee basic announcements or (nothing at all.)

Package 2  
 (DJ,karaoke, light emceeing perfect for parties with less then 30 kids)
Professional=Experienced DJ with equipment who will do light emceeing, Will initiate Karaoke, basic games, trivia and play great dance music. 

Package 3 (higher energy but still classy-elegant)
DJ and  Separate emcee (whom have experience working together often). 2 dancers, Photo booth, sports games, Photographer 

Package 4 Custom package (let’s discuss)

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This is our Mascot Baby Ziggy
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